Tshangla is one of the most widely spoken languages in the kingdom of Bhutan. Tshangla is the main language of eastern Bhutan and is also spoken in adjacent portions of Arunachal Pradesh as well as in the enclave of Pemakö in Tibet much further east. The centre of gravity of the language can be found from the foothills bordering the plains of Assam through the deep V-shaped valleys of eastern Bhutan, where the language is known in Dzongkha as Sharchobi kha ‘the language of the easterners’. In the past, relative isolation of speech communities as a result of the geography of the area has resulted in a considerable variety of dialects, which, however, is rapidly decreasing as a spoken standard develops.

Tim Bodt is writing a comprehensive grammar of Tshangla based on the variety of the language spoken by a specific agriculturalist pastoralist community in eastern Bhutan. The grammar will also include a descriptive and comparative survey of the various Tshangla dialects. A Tshangla-Dzongkha-English dictionary with orthographies in Roman as well as in ’Ucen script is also envisaged.